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Certified Medical Laser Technician 

2 weeks Training 

"Join us for an intensive two-week Medical Laser Technician Training program, designed to transform you into an expert in the aesthetic field. Our hands-on training approach ensures that you gain practical experience by working on each other and live models. We cover all the essentials, from providing free consultations and skin analysis to understanding crucial documentation such as health history and consent forms. We prioritize laser safety and provide comprehensive training on a wide array of treatments with our program, you're guaranteed to become an expert in the aesthetic field in just two weeks. Don't miss this opportunity to fast-track your career in aesthetics!"

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Laser Safety

Skin Analysis


Consent and Health History Forms

   Healing & After Care Plan 

 Laser hair Removal

Scar and freckle Removal

 stretch mark Removal

Equipment Knowledge

RF Microneedling

Photo Rejuvenation

Cool Sculpting

Body Contouring

Teeth Whitening

 Acne Laser removal

Pigmentation Removal

Sun Damage

Wrinkles Removal 

Laser Skin Tightening

Cellulite Reduction

Phase 1 – Classroom
First 2 weeks of the training, students will be learning the basics on how laser works, consent forms and pre- and post-treatment care, along with laser techniques. Topics include the followings below:

let's dive into the exciting world of medical laser training! Over the first two weeks, you will explore a variety of critical areas. Starting with laser safety, you'll learn how to ensure a secure environment for both the practitioner and patient. You'll also delve into the nitty-gritty of consent forms and health history forms, which are crucial to ensure informed consent and understanding of each patient's unique health background.


In addition, you'll learn about pre and post-treatment care, ensuring that patients receive the best results and recover effectively. You'll also get hands-on experience with various laser techniques, understanding how to adjust and apply them based on each patient's specific skin type and condition. This will be aided by sophisticated skin analysis machines, which will help you perform accurate laser evaluations.


You'll also be exposed to a wide range of treatments, including cool sculpting body contouring, skin typing, teeth whitening, photo rejuvenation, RF micro-needling, cellulite reduction, and many more. Each of these techniques requires a thorough understanding of laser settings and the ability to perform detailed consultations.


These first two weeks will be a whirlwind of learning, but they will lay a solid foundation for your future as a skilled and knowledgeable medical laser professional!

Phase 2 – Hands-On Training

In the final two weeks of the medical laser technician training, students will have a unique opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in a practical, hands-on setting. Student are required to bring a model to practice their skills on, creating a real-life scenario that extends beyond textbook learning.


During these last two weeks, students are given the chance to revisit and practice all the topics learned throughout the course. This includes everything from the detailed information about various laser techniques to the crucial steps of filling out consent forms. The practice isn't just theoretical; it's real. Students will work on live models and genuine patients, adding a layer of authenticity to their learning experience that can't be replicated in a simulated environment.


The beauty of this phase of training is that while students are given a degree of independence to apply their skills, they aren't alone. Every step taken, every procedure performed, is under the watchful and experienced eyes of certified professionals. This ensures that while students are learning and growing, they're doing so in a safe, controlled, and supervised environment. It's a balance of gaining confidence and competence while having a safety net of professional guidance.

Student will be under the supervision of our certified professional in all times!

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