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Coolsculpting Training

1 Day Coolsculpting Training 


Course/ Training 

Safety and Protocol 


Before-after Care 


The theory, science and practice of Coolsculpting.

Factors that lead to excess fat and cellulite development in the body

Patient qualification and consultation

Fat removal techniques


Potential side effects and how to manage them


Hands-on Training

Coolsculpting Technician 

 In our CoolSculpting class, we'll teach students all about this non-invasive fat reduction procedure. They'll learn the science behind how CoolSculpting targets and eliminates stubborn fat cells through controlled cooling. We'll guide them on using different applicators and techniques for various body areas. With hands-on training, students will practice the procedure under our experienced instructors' supervision. By the end of the course, they'll be skilled in providing effective CoolSculpting treatments to their clients, helping them achieve their desired body contours without surgery or downtime. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn a cutting-edge technique in the field of aesthetics!


CoolSculpting is an incredible non-surgical fat reduction treatment that we offer in our academy. It's a popular procedure that uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells. During our CoolSculpting class, students will dive deep into the world of this innovative technique. They'll learn about the science behind CoolSculpting, understanding how the controlled cooling process specifically targets and freezes fat cells, leading to their natural elimination from the body. Students will also explore the different applicators and techniques used for various body areas, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. Hands-on training will be a key part of the class, allowing students to practice the treatment under the guidance of our experienced instructors. By the end of the course, students will have gained the skills and expertise needed to provide effective CoolSculpting treatments to their clients. With this knowledge, they'll be able to help individuals achieve their desired body contours without the need for surgery or downtime. It's an exciting opportunity to learn a cutting-edge fat reduction technique and make a positive impact in the field of aesthetics!

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